Steve Johnson aims to bring free of charge heritage and history to all. Via a home P.C. "Cyberheritage" delivers history in the form of text and photographs into your desktop. Material covered is varied, from old postcards, navy, army, old comics, fireworks, rockets, life saving, World War II, The Blitz, D-Day, Victorian and Edwardian themes, old scrapbooks, submarines, ships, rock music, paper bag art?, memorials, scrapyards, graveyards, forts, and much more. Many photographs are high quality allowing a user to download them and print them out for inclusion in such things as school projects. Currently there are over 12,000 photos spread across all the 130 plus web sites. Steve is married to the lovely Karen and the photos at the top of this page are from their recent trip to the Seychelles. Steve and Karen have a new travel web page up at .

But the main site will always be history and heritage....................

Steve Johnson receives up to 100 e-mails a week and aims to answer as many as possible, offering an almost one to one personal heritage inquiry service to anyone anywhere in the world with e-mail access.

Microsoft have showcased one "Cyberheritage" site and another received a full page review in a popular home computing magazine.

Being based in Plymouth, England, UK, there is a heavy local slant to content.

Plymouth, England, UK, local content sites are hosted at MAIN SITE AT where all new updates are shown

All sites are content rich, indeed many pages boast the slogan:

"content over style"

Over the last few years or so, over 100 sites on all aspects of heritage have been put on the Web with international response. "Cyberheritage" has developed to be a world class Internet content provider and has served individuals, organisations and especially schools, in all corners of the world making it truly international......and all for free, believing the best way to keep our heritage alive is to broaden the base that is aware of it as much as possible.

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One of the most satisfying achievements of "Cyberheritage" has been to meet one of it's international surfers when they came to Britain. Al Gill from British Columbia in Canada came to Plymouth recently searching out his family heritage and that of his wife. Steve Johnson was able to find, and arrange a visit to the house where his English father had lived as a boy and young adult. For Al to be able to stand, have tea and climb the stairs in his fathers house was a very special moment for him. Time truly travelling for him, allowing him to physically stand in his father's footsteps.



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For faster and detailed response phone Steve on Plymouth 01752 772699 at any reasonable time UK.